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Plokta is a highly dubious, twice Hugo-winning fanzine edited by Alison Scott, Steve Davies and Dr. Plokta, aka Mike Scott. The Plokta cabal includes Steven Cain, Giulia De Cesare, Sue Mason, Flick, Marianne Cain, Jonathan Cain and (formerly) George the cat (RIP). Plokta has its own domain,, whose homepage contains links to other Plokta projects.

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There have been forty-one issues on paper to date (plus four intermediate special issues), 25 of which (and the specials) have been converted to HTML. The Web version has extra features. New jokes! Valuable historical notes! Colour photos! Colour hecto! Hot links to sites mentioned in the text! Really, you should be reading Plokta on paper and on the Web.

The paper version of the fanzine was reformatted from issue 13, and the Web version followed suit with a new format of its own. Issues 1 to 12½ have been left in their original format.



Cover of Plokta issue 1
Issue 1

May 1996

Cover of Plokta issue 2
Issue 2

July 1996

Cover of Plokta issue 3
Issue 3

August 1996

Cover of Plokta issue 4
Issue 4

November 1996

Cover of Plokta issue 5
Issue 5

January 1997


Cover of Plokta issue 6
Issue 6

February 1997

Cover of Plokta issue 6.5 - Fanwatching
Issue 6½

Attitude special

Cover of Plokta issue 7
Issue 7

May 1997

Cover of Plokta issue 8 - Ploktaratchik
Issue 8

August 1997

Cover of Plokta issue 9 - Which cover
Issue 9

November 1997


Cover of Plokta issue 10
Issue 10

January 1998

Cover of Plokta issue 11
Issue 11

March 1998

Cover of Plokta issue 12 - Cosmoplokta
Issue 12

September 1998

Cover of Plokta issue 12.5 - Holiday Special
Issue 12½

Novacon Special

Cover of Plokta issue 13 - Michael Abbott on New Year's Eve
Issue 13

March 1999


Cover of Plokta issue 14 - Superfluous Tales of Technology
Issue 14

June 1999

Cover of Plokta issue 15 - Solar Eclipse
Issue 15

August 1999

Cover of Plokta issue 16 - National Enquirer cover
Issue 16

November 1999

Cover of Plokta issue 17 - Saturday Evening Plokta
Issue 17

January 2000

Cover of Plokta issue 18 - Journal of Giant Japanese Monsters
Issue 18

April 2000


Cover of Plokta issue 19 - Plokta Con
Issue 19

May 2000

Cover of Plokta issue 20 - Harry Plokta and the Blue Screen of Death
Issue 20

August 2000

Cover of Plokta issue 21 - Dr Plokta's Baby and Child Care
Issue 21

November 2000

Cover of Plokta issue 22 - TV21
Issue 22

January 2001

Cover of Plokta issue 23 - Tottenham Gothic
Issue 23

May 2001


Cover of Plokta issue 24 - Ready Plok breakfast cereal
Issue 24

August 2001

Cover of issue 25
Issue 25

January 2002

Cover of issue 26
Issue 26 (PDF)

June 2002

Cover of issue 27
Issue 27 (PDF)

September 2002

Cover of issue 28
Issue 28 (PDF)

November 2002


Cover of Plokta 29
Issue 29 (PDF)

April 2003

Cover of issue 30
Issue 30 (PDF)

November 2003

Cover of issue 31
Issue 31 (PDF)

March 2004

Cover of issue 31.5
Issue 31.5 (PDF)

May 2004

Cover of issue 32
Issue 32 (PDF)

November 2004

Cover of issue 33
Issue 33 (PDF)

March 2005
Cover of issue 35
Issue 34 (PDF)

August 2005
Cover of issue 35
Issue 35 (PDF)

May 2006
Cover of issue 36
Issue 36 (PDF)

November 2006
Cover of issue 37
Issue 37 (PDF)

April 2007
Cover of issue 38
Issue 38 (PDF)

March 2008
Cover of issue 39
Issue 39 (PDF)

September 2008
Cover of issue 39½
Issue 39½ (PDF)

January 2009
Cover of issue 39¾
Issue 39¾ (PDF)

April 2009
Cover of issue 40
Issue 40 (PDF)

May 2009
Cover of issue 41
Issue 41 (PDF)

April 2011

Watch also for other Plokta Enterprises projects appearing here, such as Trinketry, Wrath of Ghu, The Way of the Wombat, the Intervention non-newsletter and other fannish publications from our mighty superfluous technology. Mike Scott's fanzine Zorn is already available. So are the Corflu UK newsletter and a Reconvene one-shot.

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